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8. The personal return of Jesus Christ, the eternal damnation in a literal hell for the wicked and everlasting life with the living God for the righteous.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recognizing Your Calling

   Romans 12:1, 4--8   
 by Kemi O.

What is your Ministry/Calling?

Beloved, what is your purpose on this earth? 

Why are you really here? I believe like me, that is the question most of us have asked ourselves at one time or the other. 

Well, beloved brethren, I am here to tell you that we are on this earth to serve 
the Lord God, His church and the world at large.God created man in His image and
 for fellowship as we see in the book of Genesis 2 through 4 until the enemy came in
 and destroyed that beautiful fellowship God had with our first parents. He created us 
for Himself to have an intimate relationship with us through praise, worship, 
communication etc. But thanks be to God for a second chance at fellowship with 
the Father, He sent His only Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to restore 
that broken fellowship through His precious blood that was shed for our sakes.
And now, we, believers through the selfless sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
now have a primary ( higher) calling and that is, to serve God using the talents, 
spiritual gifts, strengths etc, He has deposited in us for the propagation of His
 Kingdom. Sisters, aside from our secondary calling as wives and mothers, we
 are called to minister (serve) to God and others in various ways in order to 
fulfil the great commission Mark 16:15-20.
God had called us to be His servants on earth and it is not until we have been
 ordained by man's authority before we know we are called; for the moment
 we make the decision to follow Christ, we are instantly called to ministry. At first,
 we may not know what our ministry or role is in the body of Christ but over the 
course of our journey, it will be revealed to us. However, its quite unfortunate that
 many have died without realizing what their actual calling was.
There are so many believers today that are not doing what God has called them 
to do. Although, they are still serving in their various local assemblies or in
 para-churches etc, they are not doing what He has purposed for them to do. 
For example, you have individuals who are called to serve as teachers of the word,
 but instead are busy pastoring churches. There is nothing wrong with been 
available to serve in other areas of ministry in which you have skills or talents, 
should the need arise, but do it bearing in mind that this is not your God given 
ministry and so therefore not lose focus. So many including myself, have fallen 
into this situation and became so overwhelmed with the work or assignment 
especially in our local churches that we become ineffective and lose interest quickly.
We need to find out what God specifically has called us to do and do it well, 
for at the end of our race, we are going to stand before God and give account 
of our lives, what we did, and how we utilized the resources and gifts He had 
given to us. It is important to remember that our obedience to God will be weighed
 on that great day and that is what we are going to give account for and not our
 sacrificial good works 1 Sam 15:22 " To obey is better than sacrifice." The spiritual
 gifts and talents that God deposited in us is aligned with the ministry He has called
 us into. We were fearfully and wonderfully made by God and so we know he carefully
 took His time to mold us and fill us with what will help to serve Him effectively 
Psalm 139:14.
I believe at the time of conception, our talents (natural gifts) i.e music, creativity, etc
 were given to us and then when we became born again, He now deposited and 
assigned spiritual gifts to each of us and so having said this, I encourage you to
 trust God for your life, your calling, trust him who fashioned you, to sustain you
 in the ministry He has called you to, because He has equipped you with everything 

you will ever need to fulfil your individual ministry and purpose.
How do you know when you are already fulfilling your purpose?
I believe you know when you are operating in your ministry or calling when 
you go through trials or difficulties and you still remain standing. Nothing or no 
one can uproot you from where God has positioned you for by His strength you are
 able to complete the race set before you.
Do you ever wonder why some churches close down before they even reach their
 second or third year anniversary? A lot of times, they are not where the Lord has 
called them to be. It appears everyone wants to pastor a church but God has called
 them into other areas of service. So many times, I have seen servants of God starting
 churches which eventually crumble or remain stagnant for years and yes, it may not
 necessarily be because they are not positioned in the right area of ministry but who 
is to say, that is not the reason. I have heard of some who actually know the Lord has
 called them to be teachers, evangelists, or missionaries in the field, but refused to 
obey for one reason or the other and stay where they are, some times it could because 
of the monetary benefits they are receiving as a Pastor but beloved, this is sheer 
disobedience to God and there are consequences as we know for knowingly 
disobeying God.
Brethren, I encourage you today to be confident in God's choice for you, in John 15:16 ,
 He states that He is the one who does the choosing and not us. It is only Him who
 understands why He has chosen us for our particular ministry and so you have to 
trust him to see you through by His grace.
In conclusion, I will ask again " What is your ministry" Your specific purpose here
 on earth" Are you called to be a Children's Sunday School Teacher, Pastor, 
Evangelist, Administrator, Counselor, Music Minister, Helps/Welfare Coordinator etc ?
Do you have a vision or dream that you are yet to fulfil and you believe the Lord
 has given you this vision? If yes to these questions, pursue it with all your heart
 knowing the Lord has equipped you with the resources, gifts, skills that is required 
to fulfil your vision and ministry.

If you would like to know what your spiritual gifts may be, click on this helpful link below to take a spiritual gift analysis test so that you can begin to prepare your self for God's work using the gifts He has given you.  You are welcome to share this information or link with friends, family, members of your local church or fellowship etc.


Anonymous said...

After reading this article, it has helped me to understand what my calling is. I have been all over the place in church and so overwhelmed with handling various responsibilities. This is an eye opener.

Thank you.
Rachel A.
Columbus, OH

Anonymous said...

Very helpful counsel. Thank you for this great message. Bless you woman of God.

Shari H.

Ontario, Canada